Marc Bishop – Hypnotherapist

Marc qualified as a clinical Therapist in 2001 and began to build a private practice in the Thames valley. He was able to bring about profound changes in peoples emotional and physical well being, with a simple and uncomplicated process, that when used ethically and with sincerity can bring about the most life-improving changes. He has now moved into Calne and brings with him an understanding of about how events that we have no control over when we were young can be destructive and debilitating, and how our personal beliefs can reinforce negative behaviour. However, he sincerely believes we all have the capacity to make changes and that change can happen, but only when you are ready, that you want a change to happen and that you will use the change for your own personal benefit.

Marc is available by appointment if you have any questions he is happy to discuss over the phone or will respond to emails. His website is and contact number is 07876 192420.

Hypnotherapy in Chippenham