How can a massage therapist help me?

A massage therapist is trained to manipulate the body`s joints and soft tissues to reduce muscle tension, treat trigger points and reduce joint stiffness to improve range of motion, reduce pain and aid the body`s recovery to full function. Massage can help increase circulation, promote better sleep and reduce stress.


Conditions that massage therapy can treat

Massage therapists are able to treat a variety of conditions relating to soft tissue restriction and joint restriction. including, sports injuries, back and neck pain, tendon injury and more. If you would like to discuss whether massage would be of benefit for your specific condition / situation please call us for a free telephone consultation.


What happens on my first visit?

Please take a seat in the waiting room and your therapist will collect you, they will take a history and discuss your problem areas before commencing the massage. Please note the massage therapists are not trained to diagnose conditions but will give advice on stretches and exercises to help your condition. For diagnosis of any unresolving issues or complaints please book in to see a physiotherapist.